Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Elkhorn Slough – Moss Landing CA

Lush green lily pads sprang forth surrounded by water that shone like glass. The sound of frogs croaking filled the air. The horizon expanded into an endless blur, as the current of the ocean rushed off into the vast sea. I drove down a single road that cut through it all, amazed that I was in California. Wetlands are an ecosystem that I usually expect to find in the south east.


Elkhorn Slough is a salt marsh that is a home to over 700 species. Hidden behind the numerous plants are otters, lizards, and countless species of unique insects. Come at the right time of the year, and you can catch thousands of migratory birds on their route to or from Alaska and Patagonia.


The real secret of Elkhorn Slough is not what life it contains, but how it helps life continue. Wetlands like these soak up contaminants before they can infiltrate larger bodies of water, and they even absorb greenhouse gases that could otherwise float into the atmosphere.


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Elkhorn Slough

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