Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Congaree National Park – Gadsden SC

I pulled up into the parking lot and was surprised to find it almost full despite the fact that we were in the middle of a shutdown. I could hear a father discussing how many different areas the other cars were from with his young son.

“How many different states have we seen?” He asked encouragingly.

“Six.” His son responded while counting on his fingers.

It’s always refreshing for he to hear interactions like this.


I headed along the path and a wooden walkway extended out above the swampland.


I don’t know why I find them so interesting.

Maybe it’s the amount of work a plant has to go through to not be washed away and flourish in that type of environment.

Maybe it’s that they are complete ecosystems explorable only by small watercraft or elevated paths.

It seems like a wealth of secrets can be hidden behind every leaf.



The entire Congaree Park is a swamp, mostly only accessible by water. There are a couple of elevated paths though that the park district has generously built.

The reflections of the forest off of the water are breathtaking. Every angle brings another view of the water distorting whatever is above it.

As I walk the loop path, the sounds of nature start to take over. Frogs and toad croak in the distance as birds call to their companions in other trees. I can imagine getting lost in here on a kayak for a day or a weekend. What an adventure that would be.

Maybe next time.


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Congaree National Park

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