Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Mary’s Gone Wild – Supply NC

Take a walk with me down memory lane. Let’s picture our most eccentric art teacher that we’ve had. Mine was Mr. Ray. He was always pushing the boundaries of being crude, while decorating our minds with ways to turn trash into beauty, all while playing Mozart or Rent over the speakers. I imagine you can think of a similar person from your past. Now let’s imagine that that person had become a hoarder in a small town on the coast of North Carolina and had turned their house into a giant art space. Welcome to Mary’s Gone Wild.


Pulling up, you might not be sure if you’re in the right place. Everything is overgrown and looks semi abandoned. The line between art and trash really blurs all over the entire property. Structures made with plywood threaten to crumble in front of you. Paintings on the back of glass cover the walls. Random buildings filled with statues and books cover the property. Everything is painted brightly. It is almost a sensory overload.


What started out as a village for her dolls when she was a child has now taken over the entire property. Mary still lives on site and adds new additions on a regular basis, most being made with recycled items.

Having survived multiple hurricanes, Mary’s seems to be blessed, having not been damaged.


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Marys Gone Wild

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