Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Mt Rushmore – Keystone SD

All my life, I grew up thinking about how weird Mt Rushmore would be. I couldn’t grasp why anyone would ever want to immortalize some of our presidents by carving their faces in the side of a mountain. It just seemed so queer. As I went on this voyage, and started my task of listening to a biography of every president, I started to understand a little bit more.


There really isn’t any place in the world that is like America, and we have had the unique opportunity to usher in an age of essentially ending war and causing the will of the people, and democracy to spread throughout cultures that just 50 years ago were dictator ships. When looking at it from this perspective, I started to understand why people wanted to pay this tribute to some of the men that helped bring that too being.


That doesn’t change how weird it actually is once you are there. You’re driving for at least an hour through the Black Hills, which is one of the most pristine patches of nature in our country, and all of a sudden, these four faces appear in the distance, frozen in time. As you get closer, they get bigger and bigger. Suddenly, as you pull into the parking. Lot, you understand how massive these things actually are, dwarfing everything else in the area.

It’s both at the same time humbling and comical. But when you look at our country, when you take assessment of all the wonderful people that make America what it is, I think that is a perfect way to feel


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Mt Rushmore

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