Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Badlands National Park – South Dakota

The Badlands…

Just the name conjures up feelings of romanticism and images of canyons and cowboys. Sometimes, I don’t plan things out. Sometimes, I’m just driving and even though I think I know my destination, a sign on the road begs me to follow it and that’s how I discovered this wonderland of prairie dogs, sheep, bison, and last but not least, amazing rock formations.


When I entered the park, I wasn’t expecting much. I was in South Dakota, and had driven through the mid west multiple times. I expected plains. Plains, followed by more plains and then rounded up by another series of plains, but as soon as I passed through the entrance gates, my thoughts turned to surprise and astonishment.


Right away I was greeted by breathtaking cliffs and valleys carved away in layers of auburn rock. The horizon seemed as if it went on forever, and it was begging to be explored, promising adventure to be found. Groups of bison could be seen in the distance grazing on small patches of grass. Eagles and falcons soared above, searching for their dinner. The road seemed to go on forever.


When the land seemed to flatten off, you wold immediately start to find Prairie Dogs, barking away to their hearts content. Hundreds upon hundreds scurrying about, as far as the eye could see.

I can’t put my finger on it, but there is something magical about this place. Who would have thought that this would be here in the Mid West.


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Badlands National Park

South Dakota