Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Legends Antiques and Books – Sonora CA

Turn the clock back 150 years. The gold rush was going on in California, and there were little towns popping up all over the place. Mines would be dug wherever a prospector found a speck of the soft metal, and all of the sudden, the area would be flooded with others hoping to strike it rich and obtain the American dream.


One of those towns was Sonora California, and even though the Gold Rush has been over for a century, the town still stands strong. With a bustling Main Street that was built around the local mine, that mine has now been turned into “Legend Antiques and Books” and you definitely want to stop by.


As you enter the store, a small cafe greets you. It’s cute and quaint, but once you walk through it, the real excitement begins. Directly behind the cafe, up a small flight of stairs, lies a small antique store with many wonders to discover. Old mirrors, vanities and furniture line the walls, and dolls and chandeliers cover them, begging to be bought. At the end of the room is a stairwell going downstairs and that’s where the real treasures of the store lie.


As you walk down the stairs, the stone walls start to come in on you. The daft smell of old books overtakes your senses and as you reach the bottom, the room opens op to be a small reading room and hall. The walls are covered with books, and a chair sits in the corner just begging for you to sit down and indulge yourself. And then on the wall you notice something curious, an old safe. You then realize that you are at the top of the old mine. Suddenly, you are transported back to that age, you pick up a book, and you get lost in the history of the moment.

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11875 Ponderosa Ln, Groveland, CA 95321


131 S Washington St, Sonora, CA 95370