Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Bonneville Salt Flats – Utah

The desert is flooded.


That’s all I could think about as I drove up the freeway, my mind lost in amazement. It had been raining near Salt Lake City for the past couple of days and the entire environment had completely transformed. What was once a white desert of endless salt, only stopped on the distant horizon by the mountains, and turned into a sheet of glass covering everything other than the road.

IMG_1944IMG_1943IMG_1940IMG_1935IMG_1934IMG_1930IMG_1928IMG_1926IMG_1925IMG_1920IMG_1919IMG_1915IMG_1899IMG_1900I was overcome with a surreal feeling of wonder as I drove further out. The reflection of the mountains on the ground was astonishing. I felt as If I was on another planet. If you can’t get there during the rainy season, I’m sure it’s just as amazing in the summer, if not a little hotter.IMG_1903IMG_1904IMG_1906IMG_1909IMG_1910IMG_1911IMG_1913IMG_1914Closest Supercharger West Wendover

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Bonneville Salt Flats