Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Ames Brothers Pyramid – Buford WY

Ah Wyoming. When they say you can get lost in the middle of nowhere, I think Buford is where they are talking about. It is probably the smallest town in the entire world. Or at least it’s tied with it. Buford has an amazing population of 1. A man named Don Sammons, holds down the fort. He operates the Buford Trading Post, and has been alone since 2008 when his son moved away.


Right outside of Buford, is an interesting landmark built by the Railroad Tycoons, The Ames Brothers, in an attempt to cover up a fraud scheme they used to fund the first Trans-Continental Railroad. They spent over $65,000 (over $1 mil today) on a giant pyramid at the highest point of the route. A small town was built along side the station and people were encouraged to use this place as a rest stop while the engine was being changed. Alas, even this could not restore faith in Ames Brothers and the railroad was rerouted south and the town shut down.


The pyramid still stands today, an unexpected sight in the vast plains of the area. It’s right off of I-80 and definitely worth it to stretch your legs for a moment. God knows there won’t be anything else for miles.IMG_9674IMG_9675IMG_9677

Closest Supercharger Laramie WY 22 mi

1673 Centennial Dr, Laramie, WY 82070




Ames Brothers Monument

210 Monument Rd, Buford, WY 82052