Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Everglades National Park – FL

Ever since I was a child, I have wanted to go and explore the everglades. There was always this aura of romanticism that I associated with it. I would read about alligator attacks and swamps, about kayaking through the dense forests, water fowl everywhere and secrets lurking behind every tree.


I’m excited to share that the reality lived up to my expectations. The pure amount of wilderness and life waiting to be discovered was breathtaking. It was almost as if I had left America. I really had no clue that anywhere in our country was as vast of a rain forest as this was.

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I was lucky enough to arrive during a Total Lunar Eclipse. The entire sky was dark as the moon shone red throughout the night. A blood moon providing a perfect ambience to the huge lizards that lurked in the shadows.


Let’s get to those huge lizards. Alligators. I can confirm that the signs are not kidding when they say “beware” There are literally alligators everywhere. These ancient creatures lurk in the depths, just an eyeball and a nose sticking up from beneath the water, waiting for a bird or rodent to be unaware, always open the prowl waiting for the next meal. As you drive down the roads, you will notice them dotting the shoulders, sunbathing, absorbing natures energy. Every childhood dream about the place definitely came true. I can’t wait until I can return.


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Everglades National Park