Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Lake Placid Murals – Lake Placid FL

Out in the middle of Southern Florida, a couple hours south of Orlando, lies a quaint little town that has a curious rise to fame. Many of the buildings are covered with enormous murals.


There doesn’t seem to be any underlying theme to the art. Some of them are dedicated to a famous local clown (Toby The Clown) and his local clown college. Some of theme are based off the building the occupy (the church has a religious sermon being given painted on it). And then some have no relevance to what is around them at all!

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The Lake Placid Mural Society was founded in 1992 by Bob & Harriet Porter. Their original goal was to tell the history of the town, but it seems to have grown to be an amazing, giant community art project. All in all there are 45 murals and plenty of other hidden art related goodies in town such as themed trash cans and clown cut-outs.


Closest Supercharger Fort Drum FL 75 mi

184 Florida’s Turnpike

Okeechobee, FL 34972



Lake Placid FL