Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Tinglewood Carvings AL

When I was a child, I had a VHS from the “We Sing” series called “We Sing In Sillyville”. In this video, two kids travel inside of a coloring book and arrive in a magical world complete with talking trees. When arriving at Orr Park and seeing the Tinglewood Carvings, I was transported back to my childhood. If these trees really COULD speak, I would sit for hours listening to their stories.



At one point, the park was rather normal, with soccer fields, a stream, and picnic shelters. Then one day in 1993, several of the older trees in the park were destroyed in a storm, and instead of allowing the trees to be cut down and taken away, Tim Tingle began carving them to add to the beauty of Orr Park. Today, squirrels, men, alligators, and even a dragon are carved on dead trees all around the park, adding to the mystic nature of the already beautiful scenery. Only dead trees expand his menagerie; living trees are left alone. There are over 30 carvings around the park, and more are always being created.


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Tinglewood Carvings

277 Park Dr

Montevallo, AL 35115