Prophets, Faith, Apostles and Jesus at Holy Land, FL – Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage

If there is one set of places that I have discovered on this voyage that have been unexpectedly amazing, “Religious Theme Parks” would take the cake. Each one that I find seems to be bigger, better, more grandiose. Thus I came upon “Holy Land” in Orlando Florida, discovering one of the most unique locations I have been.

I first had heard of Holy Land years ago while watching the Bill Maher documentary “Religulous”. Bill had set up a trip to interview the workers and I was captivated. Right then, I knew that one day I would end up here.



10 years later, here I was. I’m glad so much time had passed as it allowed me to mature and become more accepting of the extreme “over the top-ness” going on. The best way to describe the park is as a Disney Land for Christianity. As soon as you walk in, you are surrounded  by a world made up to look like ancient Jerusalem. Buildings are made up of a mix of brown stone and marble. Stations of the Ten Commandments line the walls. Elaborate chandeliers cover all of the lights. It is a little bit of an overwhelming experience.


Most of the park is based around shows. Most are in the thirty minute range, but the main spectacle is a four hour play broken into two parts at the coliseum shaped amphitheater in the middle of the park. The show changes seasonally and is a mixture of bible stories complete with dancing and singing.


The bookends of the park consist of  a children’s section consisting mainly of a mini golf course with each hole based around a different Bible story on one side, and a building holding a model replica of Jerusalem on the other.

Tickets are $50 but I think it was well worth it just to experience although it probably isn’t the top choice of everyone.




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The Holy Land Experience

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