Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – St Simmons Island GA

Old Colonial ruins. Trees hidden with spirits stuck inside them. The wonders of St Simmons Island are numerous. Sitting along the coast of Georgia, about halfway between Savannah GA  and Jacksonville FL; here, there is magic in the air.

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Fort Friederica

Built in the mid-1700s, the fort and the accompanying town were set up as part of a plan to relocate the British poor to the New World. Unfortunately some of Britain’s old conflicts came with them when Spanish forces came up from the south. Multiple battles happened here with the most significant being The Battle of Bloody Marsh. Eventually, Britain won rights to the land and the fort was a significant military installation throughout the early colonial times of America.

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6JF6+67 Saint Simons Island, Georgia



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St Simon Tree Spirits

Hidden throughout St Simons Island are multiple “Tree Spirits” carved into local oaks by Keith Jennings, who says the faces are a reflection of his personal connection with the trees on his island home. The individual oaks influence each unique work of art.

Jennings began bringing the tree spirits to life in the 1980s. Each face is carved by hand and takes anywhere from two to four days to create. According to local legend, the spirits immortalize the sailors who were lost at sea while journeying aboard ships made from Saint Simons oaks.

The GPS coordinates and address lead to the tree carving outside Murphy’s Tavern. The other tree spirits are scattered throughout the island. Finding one is like finding a lost treasure.

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St Simons Island