Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Homestake Reservoir

“Um, I don’t know if you should try to get that little thing up there.”

I absolutely love hearing those words. You hear them (usually) from a local that has a huge diesel pickup. There is almost an unspoken rivalry between them and EV’s and they can’t fathom that a little Tesla Model 3 can get where they can.

The latest place I had to show someone the wonders of EV’s was at Homestake Reservoir In Colorado.


The Homestake Water Collection and Storage System was conceived by the City of Aurora in the late 1950’s as a dependable source of raw water. It was constructed (1963-1967) and is jointly operated by the Cities of Aurora and Colorado Springs which share equally in the costs and water yield.  The system consists of a series of collection and diversion structures in the headwaters of the Eagle River, the Homestake Reservoir, the Homestake Tunnel and the Otero Pump Station and Pipeline.IMG_6937IMG_6920

At the top of the dam, after a slightly rocky road that is no problem for a Tesla, is a manmade lake that is just amazingly beautiful. You can drive right up to it, go swimming, hiking, lay around, whatever your heart desires. It’s like a little private paradise.IMG_6926IMG_6919IMG_6976IMG_6975

Closest Supercharger Glenwood Springs Co 80 mi

125 Wulfsohn Rd, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601


Homestake Reservoir

Colorado 80461