Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Stonehenge II Ingram TX

What is one to do with their leftover Limestone after a recent construction project? That is the question Alfred Shepperd had to answer. Along with his friend Doug Hill, he created a replica of the ancient monument in England. IMG_3023IMG_3021

Being 60% of the original size, and built mostly out of foam (besides the two original limestone blocks that inspired the project), Stonehenge was moved from Al’s farm in Hunt to Ingram in 2011.


After a Trip to the Easter Islands, Al decided to add two Moai to guard his prized Stonehenge.


Closest Supercharger Junction Texas 46 mi

2415 N Main St, Junction, TX 76849


Stonehenge II

120 Point Theatre Rd S, Ingram, TX 78025