Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Whirligig Park – Wilson NC

One night, years ago, Vollis Simpson’s daughter was driving home late at night after having done LSD. After beginning to drive erratically, she crashed and was killed in the ensuing wreck. After her death, her father had dreams of what she saw the night she drove. Over the next forty years, he set about to memorialize her tragic death with massive reflector-covered windmills. IMG_3681IMG_3682IMG_7715

None of that is true! it sure does make a good story though right?

IMG_7719IMG_7720IMG_7722In reality, the park was simply the creation of Vollis Simpson who referred to his creation as “whirligigs.” They were not created in memorial, but as public art for drivers to enjoy. IMG_7725IMG_7726

After a lifetime repairing machinery and moving houses, Simpson found himself at age 65 with spare time and many, many spare parts.  Rather than “sit around and watch TV,” Simpson eyed his collection, remembered a windmill he constructed during World War II, and began to build.  Using some of the same rigs he’d developed for moving houses, Simpson began constructing enormous windmills in his yard. Eventually, this came to be known as Acid Park.IMG_7727IMG_7728IMG_7733

Vollis Simpson died on May 31, 2013 at the age of 94. A dedicated maker, Simpson continued working almost daily in his shop until about six months before his death.

The town of Wilson decided to honor him and his art though, constructing Whirligig Park after his death where the public can enjoy his whimsy designs for generations to come.


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Whirligig Park

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