Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Baker Hotel TX

Visible from miles away, the Baker Hotel stands as a reminder of the status a city once had. Permanently closed in 1972, and added to the National Historic Record ten years later in 1982, the Hotel has been long abandoned. For the years it was around, the Baker Hotel put Mineral Wells on the map. The building had been conceived years before it was finally constructed as a means to capitalize on the growing fame of the region’s mineral water. IMG_2686IMG_2690

After it was completed, the 14-story structure, complete with bowling alley, two ballrooms, an in-house beauty shop, and 450 guest rooms, drew visitors from all over.Fortunately, it looked like the building was being refurbished and a walking tour was available on weekends. Hopefully, it will help the town return to it’s former glory.


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