Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Shangri-La Stone Village – Prospect Hill NC

Out in the middle of the tobacco fields of North Carolina, lies a gnome sized (or Sam Barkwell sized) village of stone modeled after Shangri-La. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but I think that makes it even more worthwhile of a visit.

IMG_3612 (1)After retiring in 1968, tobacco farmer Henry L. Warren started working on this project made from concrete, stone, and thousands of arrowheads. It has survived remarkably well and even though it is located on private property, it is open to the public to visit, and get lost in their imagination.

IMG_3613My favorite part of being here was watching my dog run around a village that made him seem like a giant. I could imagine the village populated with ferries, interacting with this huge being as he runs through their streets. Come to think of it, everyone has always told me that Sam looks like Falcor from “The Never Ending Story” and here, he truly is the cousin of that amazing, giant, flying dog.

IMG_3628Just off NC 86 between Hillsborough and Yanceyville, NC. On a short stretch of old highway just east of NC86 approximately 500 feet north of Barnwell Road. A volunteer fire station is the only other place on the short old surface. It’s really easy to miss so keep your eyes open.

IMG_3618Closest Supercharger Burlington NC 29.9 mi