Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Hoover Dam NV

Just about an hour outside of Las Vegas, Hoover Dam sits as a wonderful place to visit if you want to get away from the slots, or are just plain over the vibe of Sin City. Interestingly, the dam has always been a symbol of the “clean side” of Las Vegas, beginning with the city trying to downplay its party atmosphere for the opportunity to host the production headquarters of the dam during construction.


There are multiple superchargers in Las Vegas with the closest being in Henderson only 20 miles away making it a quick and easy trip without having to worry about fuel. There are multiple things to do while you’re in the area with Lake Mead being right there. A dam tour is available, and worth it in my opinion, giving you a history of the dam and an access that rivals some of the better touristy things I have done on the road.


All in all, this (and the surrounding area) make a great day trip or pit stop onto your next destination.



Closest Supercharger Henderson NV 12.2 mi

old US-93, 2800 S Boulder Hwy, Henderson, NV 89002


Hoover Dam

Nevada 89005