Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – The Joe Byrd Cemetery, Huntsville TX

Prisoners are people that we usually don’t think about as a society.  Unless we have family or friends that are incarcerated, prisoners are usually less than a second thought. Furthermore, what happens when they die and they have no family?

In Texas, that is where Joe Byrd Cemetery in Huntsville comes in. IMG_2799The Joe Byrd Cemetery is the main prison cemetery of the State of Texas. When family members fail to come forward to claim the deceased (either because there are none, or because they cannot afford the cost of burial themselves), the bodies are interred at Captain Joe Byrd Cemetery.

Most of the graves are anonymous, labeled with an inmate number, if anything. But a handful are well known, including the grave of Kiowa Indian chief Satanta, who committed suicide while imprisoned in 1878. Cowboy Lee Smith has the largest headstone in the cemetery, donated by fellow cowboys. Serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, thought to have killed 157 people including his mother, is also buried here.


The cemetery is a little morbid but a nice relaxing walk and right down the street from a supercharger. It is definitely a humbling experience seeing how many people had no one to come forward for them.

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Joe Byrd Cemetery

380-398 Bowers Blvd, Huntsville, TX 77340