Tesla Model 3 Maiden Voyage – Santa Barbara Ca

Santa Barbara was a wonderful area with scenery ranging from romantic beaches, to scenic farms, to small town charm. Below are the area’s I was able to visit and feature in my videos.

Jalama Beach County Park and Campground:


In the definition of Central California on this site, the beach at Jalama is the southernmost. The beach here also typifies the characteristics of the central coast – out of the way; quiet and a wonderful place to leave the noise and bustle of the city behind.

This is also the place for a variety of beach camping – tent sites, RV and camper sites and there are seven cabins for those who don’t like to “rough it”.


Los Padres National Forest:


Acting as a habitat for 468 species of fish and wildlife, of which most are nongame species, the importance of this habitat continues to increase because of habitat losses resulting from urban development outside the National Forest.  Currently there are 23 threatened and endangered animals which occur in the Los Padres National Forest. There are also 20 animals that are considered sensitive. There are three threatened and endangered plant species with an additional 71 considered sensitive.


Los Olivos:


If you’re looking for an easy afternoon of wine tasting, gift shopping and artisanal eats, Los Olivos has got you covered. This tiny town off Highway 154 is easily accessible by car and offers both still and sparkling wine-tasting rooms, mouth-watering confections and seasonal pairing menus.


San Luis Obispo:


In 1769, Spanish Governor of California Gaspar Portola moved north from San Diego, looking for the Monterey Bay. His party found a small river and a coastal valley near the present location of San Luis Obispo Mission. There were many bears there, so they named the area La Canada de Los Osos, Valley of the Bears.